Millman's Formula in Data Fusion 

Jiří Ajgl, Miroslav Šimandl, Jindřich Duník
Analytical and LMI based design for the Acrobot traking with aplication to robot walking  Milan Anderle, Sergej Čelikovský
On Time Parameterizations of User Demands in Mechatronics  Květoslav Belda
Bearing fault detection in brushless DC motors: a sensitivity study  Pavle Boškoski, Bojan Musizza, Janko Petrovčič, Đani Juričić
Stability Analysis of Mean-CVaR Investment Model with Transaction Costs and Integer Allocations  Martin Branda
Development of decision support system "BPsim3": Multi-service telecommunication networks design and modeling application  Konstantin A. Aksyonov,  Elena F. Smoliy, Eugene A. Bykov, Maksim V. Popov, Leonid G. Dorosinskiy, Olga P. Aksyonova
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in several gate charging topologies for Automotive High Side Power Switches  Laurentiu-Ovidiu Creosteanu, Gheorghe Brezeanu
A Brief Comparison of Selected Forgetting Methods  Kamil Dedecius
Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Motor Control  Marc Peter Deisenroth, Carl Edward Rasmussen
Artifacts suppression in images and video. Non-local Means as algorithm for reducing image and video distortion  V. I. Fedak, A. Y. Nakonechny
Linear Swaps for Pattern Matching with Short Patterns  Tomas Flouri, Xhevi Qafmolla
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Synchronous Generator in a Nuclear Power Plant  Attila Fodor, Attila Magyar, Katalin M. Hangos
Gear Health Monitoring and Prognosis  Matej Gašperin, Pavle Boškoski, Đani Juiričić
Line Conditioning with Grid Synchronized Inverter's Power Injection of Renewable Sources in Nonlinear Distorted Mains  Péter Görbe, Attila Magyar, Katalin M. Hangos
On--line estimation of selected radiological quantities during emergency situations  Radek Hofman
An approach to identifying linearizable dynamic errors-in-variables systems  Levente Hunyadi, István Vajk
Oxygen control in a wastewater treatment plant using adaptive predictive controllers  Gregor Kandare
Distortion impact on a stereo distance  Jernej Mrovlje, Damir Vrančić
The Minority Game with Heterogenous Agents  (Abstract) Miroslav Pištěk
Multiple Model approach to Multi-Parametric Model Predictive Control of a Nonlinear Process  Boštjan Pregelj, Samo Gerkšič
Functional Adaptive Controller for MIMO Systems with Dynamic Structure of Neural Network  Ladislav Král, Ivo Punčochář, Jindřich Duník

Construction of multi-step ahead predictions in a normal BVAR(p) model using Monte Carlo sampling

Jan Šindelář

Dual control: benefits and challenges (Abstract) Václav Šmídl
Probabilistic Approach to Analysis of Death Traffic Accidents  Evgenia Suzdaleva, Ivan Nagy
Practical aspects of FHSS-based ISM band wireless telemetry system development Valentin  Vasilevskiy
New Approach in Estimating of Bellman's Function  Jan Zeman